Easy Steps To Activate New Capital One Credit Card Online

Easy steps to activate new Capital One credit card online

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You are here because you wish to activate your new credit Capital One card.
You will be assisted on this page in activating your new Capital One credit card online.
After receiving your credit card from the mail, the next step that’s required of you is to activate the card before it can be used completely.

Its pretty simple to get this done.
By visiting www.capitalone.com/activate and creating or signing your online banking username and password will get the activation done.

But wait!

I promised to guide you through activating your new card right?
Yes, I did. So let’s roll.

How to activate new Capital One credit card

Step 1: The first step in activating your Capital One credit card online is by visiting the Capital One activation page on Capitalone.com/activate

Step 2: On loading the Capital One activation page, you will be required to sign in your capital one account by inputting the requested details in the presented fields.
If you are not registered or have a Capital One account, you will need to click the green “Start Here Button” on the page to start your registration for a Capital One account.

Step 3: After registration or signing in, you will be required to input the following;

The 16-digit number on the credit card.
Security code.
Date of birth and your
Tax Payer ID number.

Click the “continue” button to finish up your registration after filling in this requested info.
You will see some screen instructions that will guide your activation process.

That’s all, but why don’t you check out this little info about Capital One below.

About Capital One

According to Wikipedia, Capital One is the eighth largest commercial bank in United States, specialized in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products.

It headquarters is in McLean, Virginia.
The credit card company conducts business in the United States, which is its original country and have operations in Canada and the United Kingdom.

By activating your Capital One credit card, you can make use of the card in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom without stress.
The bank also offers some banking services e.g, checking accounts, saving accounts and money market accounts.

You can also get auto loans and home mortgage, as Capital One is one of the largest auto and mortgage lenders.

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