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Aetna Inc. is an American managed and directed health insurance company. Aetna sells insurance plans that include medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care, and disability plan.

Aetna health insurance has been in existence since May 28, 1853, as Aetna life insurance company. It has always been an American company that provides insurance services to United States residents.

Aetna offers health insurance as well as dental, vision and other health insurance plans that meet not only the needs of individuals but that of families and employers.


Login to your Aetna health insurance account

1. To login to your Aetna member account, visit the official webpage of Aetna insurance at
At the homepage, there is a visible login link, “member login”. Click on that to take you to the sign-in page.

2. The sign-in page will demand your username and your password, which you have to provide to be able to log in successfully.
There are other helpful links at the lower part of the sign-in page like, forget username, forget the password, login tips. (All these will be discussed below on this post)

3. After providing your username and password, click on ” secured login” to get into your dashboard.
If you forgot your username or password, read further.

Recover your Aetna health insurance account username

1. To recover your forgotten username on, click on “forget username” on the members’ login page.

2. The new page will demand if you wish to recover your username with two options, that are;

– Recover username with member ID
– Recover username with a social security number.

3. If you chose to recover your username with your member ID, the following will be needed.

– Member ID
– Full first name
– Full last name
– Date of birth
– Zip code.

(The same applies to use social security number to recover your username. The difference is that you’d be asked to provide your social security number).

4. After filling in those personal details, click on “continue” to round up your username recovery on Aetna.

Recover your Aetna health insurance account password

If you forgot your Aetna account password, recovering it on the Aetna website is simple like ABC.

1. To recover your password, head to the sign-in page and click on “forget password” which is at the lower corner of the page.

2. The new page will show you three steps in recovering your password.
In step 1, you will be required to provide the following;

– Your username
– Date of birth

Then click “continue” which has instructions on how to go through the two remaining steps.

Register for Aetna health insurance account online

To register online for the Aetna health insurance account, the following steps should be religiously followed.

1. Visit the Aetna website at and click the sign-up link to get started. You can also visit the sign-up link from HERE.

2. The registration will require you to go through three steps.
The first step will ask If you’d sign up using,

– Member ID
– Social security number.

3. If you chose member ID, you need to fill in the following forms,

– Member ID
– Full first name
– Full last name
– Date of birth
– Zip code
– Email
– Verify Email

Then click continue to finish up the registration.

4. If you chose “Social security number”, you will be required to provide the following;

– Social security number
– Full first name
– Full last name
– Date of Birth
– Zip code
– Email
– Verify Email

Then click continue to finish up the remaining processes.

Aetna student health

Under the Aetna, there is the Aetna student health. In Aetna student health, they collaborate to keep your students healthy and well.

This subdivision of Aetna health insurance seeks to provide high quality, innovative and competitively priced health insurance program for college and university students.

The Aetna student health insurance covers over 150 colleges and universities, 4000, 000 medical plan student members and dependents and 50,000 dental plan members.

File a claim on Aetna health insurance

1. To file a claim with Aetna, visit their homepage and click on ” check a claim”.
You can, however, use this direct link.

2. You will be required to log in to your Aetna online account. So provide your user details to Login.

3. To contact Aetna customer service representative, use their contact us page on their website or click to make an inquiry if you find any issue while logging in.

You can contact customer service by following this link 

Aetna health insurance phone number

Here you have Aetna health insurance phone number for the following sections;

Corporate contact center; 1-800-US-AETNA (1-800-872-3862) between 8:00am and 6:00pm ET.

The corporate contact center does not have access to the account of members but they certainly provide Aetna member service contact information if you need it.

Member service center: 1-855-335-1407 between Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Aetna health insurance plans have about four different plans and they include:

  • individual plans
  • employers plan
  • providers
  • agent/ brokers plan.

you can find out about them here 

If you have questions you want to ask about your Aetna health insurance, the above contact details are all you need. The member service center has login information.

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