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Overview of Mymedicalpayments

These days many hospitals and health care provides are using third party payment solutions to enable their patients to pay the bills online in a secure way.

Mymedicalpayments is also one such online billing portal where a user can verify his bill, check balance amount and make his payments. Also to pay bills at, you need not have the trouble of registering or creating an account.

About Mymedicalpayments

It has been noted that making of secured payments these days have seemed to be one of the arduous tasks we face that is why the mymedicalpayment platform is important to you if all you want is to make medical payment fast and easy.Mymedicalpayment has made payment of medical bills easier.

Whenever you want to pay your doctor and you want to choose another option, for you, good options from my medicalpayments may not be a good option for you if you want to pay online bills for you. Here, you want to get acquainted with some simple steps from where you and your family who are entitled to pay the bills which are being used by the doctor online This can be done by the site so you pay all the online bills from the website, this site enables you to pay the secure note according to the necessary aspects accordingly and using the official website. Can pay within a few minutes.

You can easily sign In using your Account number and by verifying your identity. You can find this Account number on the top right of the Statement of Account provided by the Health care provider or the Hospital. Verification of identity can be done any of the 3 ways.

Through a simple login process, you can pay any authorized website you wish to make medical payment in a secured method. With Mymedicalpayments, you can pay bills and check your account balance after every payment of bills. You can even make payments to any health insurance company if you have an existing health insurance plan.
There is also a provision to update your billing address in situations where you need to adjust your address.

Mymedicalpayments logins


You wish to know how to login to your mymedicalpayments account? follow this step by step

You can sign in using your account number.

1. Visit Mymedicalpayments website to sign in or use this direct link

2. Scroll down to find the login fields. You are required to fill in your account number on the first box.

3. The second box will require your identity, you can choose between the patient’s date of birth, last 4 digits of the patient’s social security number or patient’s phone number.

4. If you chose ‘patient’s date of birth’ on the second box, you will be asked to enter the date of birth on the third box.
If you chose to verify your identity by using your last 4 digits of patient’s social security number, you will have to key in the last four digits of the patient’s SSN on the last box.
This also applies when you choose the patient’s phone number as a verification means.

5. Check the terms and conditions box below if you agree to My medical payments terms, then hit sign in.
(In the case where you don’t know your account number, read on) pay bill pay bill

Where to get account number on Mymedicalpayment

If you are confused about where to get your account number to fill in the first box at website, tap the “where is my account number” behind the box.

After a successful sign in, you can now pay your medical bills and check your account details at Mymedicalpayments

For more information about how to make payment for treatment using Mymedicalpayments, visit the official website and click the contact us page.

How To Make Payment In MyMedicalPayment –MyMedicalPayments pay bill

if you want to pay the bills online, then there is a unique option for you to go online Your recent hospital bills are received through MyMedicalPayments pay bill option.  Would you like to pay online for this? If so, you can make a secure payment through the MyMedicalPaymentswebsite, where you can manage your medical payments at one click at a time.

How To Pay Bill on Mymedicalpayments site

  • First, go to the official site-
  • After that, select the online bill payment option here.
  • Then you will have to answer the question
  • After that, you have to choose the available bill payment option
  • Now insert your receipt number and press the button going forward

Mymedicalpayment Pay Bill

By Phone: The My Medical associated customer service phone number is 800-355-2470. It is not clear if they will accept payments by phone, but they can provide you with any help you need.

By Mail: There should be a mailing address on your bill if you choose to pay this way instead.

MyMedicalPayment online

if you want to get any contact for business, you can complete the MyMedicalPayment online contact form. Some of which are given below

Benefits of having an account with Mymedicalpayments

There are many benefits of having an online account with my medical payments and they include:

  1. It gives authenticity for the secured transaction
  2. Your account balance can be evaluated
  3. In this online service, you can update your billing information without stress

Can I trust Mymedicalpayments?

To help you out with the question “can I trust mymedicalpayments?”

We gathered information about this medical payment system.

Mymedicalpayments is under Reimbursement Technologies, Inc which is a premier nationwide physician billing and financial management company.

Their phone number is 1-8003552470. Calls are from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

I understand that you want to know if mymedicalpayments is legit. From the investigation carried out online, we gathered information about this medical site and it doesn’t seem to be a fraud site. You might like to find out how to use the site by reading the rest of the post.

mymedicalpayments website

The adress of mymedicalpayments is

In conclusion

If you need is to make medicalpayments for the medical treatment you got from the consultant doctor or after the complete medical examination, there is a secured online payment method that you will facilitate such payment. You have my medical payments to help you with this payment process. Check on


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