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This is a step by step on how to login on progressive insurance and make payments.

You can make payments online if Progressive Insurance insures your vehicle. The Progressive Insurance app for your phone is all you need.

How to make payments on Progressive insurance.

  • Get your iPhone or iPad and launch the Progressive Insurance app.
  • Access your Progressive Insurance account by logging in. You will need to sign in using your UserID if you don’t already have a TouchID login configured. There is no FaceID login option as of July 2018.
  • On the Progressive Insurance homepage, click “Billing/Payments.”
  • If you are given the opportunity, choose the account for which you want to make a payment. The majority of Progressive Car insurance owners will only have one account; however, if you are given a choice, choose the account for which you want to make the payment.
  • Select “Make a Payment” from the menu. Located above the “Payment Schedule” menu item is this button.
  • Select the option that most accurately reflects your cost by tapping it. You have the option to pay the whole monthly premium amount owing, the remaining debt plus the savings, or only a portion of it. In the “Payment Amount” area of the page, pick one of these options.
    The amount must be entered using the keypad at the bottom of the screen if you chose “Another amount,” and then you must press the “Done” button to proceed.
  • Select the due date for your payment. You probably won’t need to interact with this date (underneath Payment Date). To pick a different date, however, hit the Date line and then tap the day you want to make the payment on the calendar. Days that are grayed out are days that have already ended. Up until the deadline for your final payment, Progressive provides you 4 weeks to make your decision.
  • Select a payment option. They offer the option to utilize Apple Pay, PayPal, a new credit card, or bank account in addition to allowing you to save one credit card on file. To enter the payment information, adhere to the on-screen directions; each one is slightly different.
  • To process your payment, tap “Make a Payment.” Users of Apple Pay are required to periodically authenticate their payment using their device.
  • On the confirmation screen, click Confirm.
  • To return to the home screen, tap Home. When you return to your home screen, you’ll have a receipt in your inbox with the specifics of your payment.
    When the payment has been successfully processed, confirm it. The screen will turn gray to indicate that the payment was successful, and Progressive will give you a “receipt” in about two to three minutes.
    Emails with the subject “Progressive payment confirmation” are receipts that also contain payment information and a confirmation number. A second email with the subject “Important notice regarding your Progressive policy” will be sent to you in addition to your receipt email if you only paid a partial payment. You will only receive your receipt with whatever you paid even if you paid more than your bill.

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